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      View Only You Prom and Evening Dresses
Only You Evening Wear Collection
Young, vibrant, beautiful and very single. That's the statement you'd want to say when picking out your bridesmaid gown. Choose from a wide variety of styles and designs that suit your taste and fashion flair.
Sizes: 2-28
bridesmaid dress bridesmaid dress bridesmaid dress

      View Jasmine Prom Dresses
Jasmine Prom Collection
B2 and Belsoie celebrate young romance with its Jasmine Prom Collection. Be at your most romantic with the perfect prom dress for your party. The collection features prom dresses with the latest styles and designs, as well as the classic and chic long prom gowns. Featuring a collection of prom dresses 2008's class would feel good and look great in. The Jasmine collection is composed of designer-originals made to fit your figure and make you sparkle on prom night. B2 and Belsoie's Jasmine collection has prom gowns made with a wide selection of the latest fabrics, and are available in over 24 luscious pastel and jewel colours. Wearing a Jasmine prom gown means you don't need to worry about rushing for prom dresses cheap off Toronto discount. Young romance shouldn't be compromised and your evening should be as breathless and perfect as a Jasmine Prom Collection prom gown.
Sizes: 2-28
Prom dress Prom dress Prom dress

      View Tulipia Prom Dresses
Tulipia Prom Collection
Feel like a princess in your new Tulipia prom gown. Designer-original, with new delightful styles and cuts suited to show off your figure, yet keeping that romantic air alive. A Tulipia prom dress is your answer to endless window-shopping of prom dresses cheap Toronto dress shops offer at very attractive prices, with no regard for quality at all. Why settle for just any prom gown? Your prom should be a memorable experience and wearing the perfect prom dress is what Tulipia is all about. The collection has prom dresses with designs ranging from classic long prom gowns in sensual cream colors and pastels, sulky sundresses that ooze with charm and reveal your more daring side. Not bad for prom dresses 2008's class will be dreaming about. Designer originals, all Tulipia prom gowns are sewn using a unique combination of lavish fabrics, a daring use of cuts and styles, and sumptuous accoutrement consisting of gemstone and exotic beadwork. Be the princess of the prom with a Tulipia gown.
Sizes: 2-28
bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

      View Aglaia Prom Dresses
Aglaia Prom Collection
Toronto Dresses invites you experience what if feels to be a princess with the Aglaia Prom Collection. The Aglaia collection introduces the hottest new designs and prom dress styles for the season. You can choose from a variety of exquisite prom dresses to fit your taste and fashion sense. No more scrounging for prom dresses cheap off Toronto store racks. You'll find out that an Aglaia prom gown is not just any prom dress. The collection offers stunning prom gowns made with the choicest fabrics and styles, and sewn with luxurious accoutrement and elegant gemstone and beadwork, made just for a prom princess like you. Aglaia offers prom dresses 2008's class of princesses would love to wear to the most romantic social event of their lives. Stunning, elegant and stylishly beautiful. That's just what you are in an Aglaia prom gown.
Sizes: 2-28
evening dress evening dress evening dress

      View J.Valentina Prom Dresses
J Valentina Prom Collection
What make a prom princess is her eyes. When you believe that you are beautiful, your eyes show it and everything else follows. That's the secret of the J Valentina Prom Collection. This collection is comprised of prom gowns that only the most stylish and chic prom princesses would try on. Nor does the collection carry prom dresses cheap Toronto boutiques dare to put on window displays. J Valentina takes pride in its all designer-original line, keeping with its modicum of relying on your knowing judgment in making prom dresses that would fit you and make you stand out in the prom crowd. The J Valentina line's chic originally designed dresses come in different designs and styles, from the classy long gown, to drapes that show off your sultry figure, to stunning sundresses and killer cocktail prom gowns. Lovely, elegant and stylish are the trademarks of a J Valentina prom dress. You should know, you've got an eye for fashion and style.
Sizes: 2-28
bridesmaid dress bridesmaid dress bridesmaid dress

      View AlfredSung Prom Dresses
AlfredSung Prom Collection
Sizes: 2-28
bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

      View Dessy Prom Dresses
Dessy Prom Collection
Sizes: 2-28
bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

      View Mori Lee Prom Dresses
Mori Lee Prom Collection
Classy, timeless and attractive to women of discerning taste, the Mori Lee Prom Collection is truly a class all on its own. Rummaging through prom dresses cheap Toronto fashion boutiques have on their racks is not an option for you. A prom princess like you require only the highest kind of compliment to your beauty: A sleek, sexy classic Mori Lee long gown. But Mori Lee doesn't stop at that. The collection has a wide selection of very beautiful and elegant gowns catering to your high fashion tastes and sense of style. From elegant long gowns, to sultry cocktail dresses, to sultry off-shoulder or halter topped prom dresses, the Mori Lee collection definitely has something for you. Because Mori Lee prom dresses are all designer-originals, you will definitely find one that's suited to you. Choose from a rich myriad of design, made from high-fashion fabrics that are soft to the touch and flattering to your figure. What prince could ever turn his eye away when he gazes at you, in your luscious Mori Lee prom gown? Dress elegantly and beautifully without worrying about the price. Dress in a Mori Lee at very attractive prices. Mori Lee collection provides a vast array of styles, colors and sizes, newest look and high fashion evening dresses. The Mori Lee's styles look is expensive in quality and never in price.
Price Range: CAD $201- CAD $242
Sizes: 2-28
bridal gown bridal gown bridal gown

      View AfterSix Prom Dresses
After Six Prom Collection
Be the Princess on Prom Night. Wear a shimmering pink strapless teaser only from the After Six collection. The After Six prom dresses captures the spirit of young women in their first blush of womanhood with heavenly fabrics to show off their soft curves. Enchant your prince charming and your friends, wear a gown from the After Six collection and expect raves.
Sizes: 2-28
prom dress prom dress prom gown

* The Bridesmaids and Evening dresses shown here represent just a samples of the selection available.

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