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The famous English writer Douglas Jerrold once said "In all of the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums". To enter a marriage on a note of sweet hope can be symbolized by nothing better than the wedding cake. In fact, when one talks of a wedding, one of the first images that springs into your mind after the beautiful bride, wedding dress and the church is the magnificent multi-tiered wedding cake. We keep this in mind while we help you pick out the best wedding cake for your big day!

Wild Romance Wedding Cake Wedding Purity Wedding Cake Silver Purity Wedding Cake
We, at Toronto Dresses, realize that every girl grows up fantasizing about her Dream Wedding. We help make that dream come true by creating a picture perfect setting for the best day of her life. Choosing the right wedding cake is of critical importance and we take utmost care to stay as close to perfection as we can. The wedding cake after all, is the center showpiece of the wedding party and the entire theme of the party is created around the cake's design. A gorgeous cake therefore is the first step to a beautifully organized wedding party.
Wild Black and White Double Heart Cake Completed Heart Ivory Glow
At Toronto Dresses, we go beyond just the beauty of the cake. We have a very personalized approach wherein we let you sample the various varieties of cake we have and let you decide on the exact flavor, color and design of your cake. Not only do we promise the best looking cakes in town, we also ensure that the ingredients used are of the best quality rendering a mouth watering taste to our creations! Our cakes are not merely products of the kitchen but are works of art guaranteed to turn heads and draw second glances.
Wedding Passion Golden Essence of Elegance Wedding Cake Exotic Orchids Chic Wedding Cake
The importance attached to wedding cakes is not without rhyme or reason. It is part of the time honored traditions that have been followed since ages. This originated in the Roman Empire where the groom would eat a part of a loaf of bread made out of barley or wheat and break the remaining loaf over his bride's head. This act was supposed to symbolize the imminent loss of the bride's virginity and her husband's dominance over her. This tradition thankfully gave way to the groom and the bride cutting the cake together and sharing the first bite, depicting their commitment to provide for one another throughout their married life and their life together as one. The top tier of the wedding cake was traditionally kept and used at the christening of the couple's first child. But today, this tradition has been altered and the top tier is saved and frozen to be shared by the couple at their first anniversary.
Profusion Of Love Wedding Cake Petunia Waterfall Wedding Cake Pearl Heart Wedding Cake
We honor all these traditions when we provide our services as we realize that the cake is not just a decorative piece at the wedding, but is a symbol of the couple's happy future. So if you want a cake that is perfectly designed and tastes out of this world, a cake that would perfectly mirror the personality of the couple to get married, walk into our store and get spoiled for choice!

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