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For a married woman, her wedding dress is probably the most treasured garment that symbolizes the beginning of a new phase in her life. The elegance of this valuable asset should be preserved as it is not just another "one time wear". There could be many other occasions like anniversaries and special family gatherings, when you may like to don that precious and beautiful garment again. The alluring dress for which you spent months in shopping, must therefore be taken proper care of.

The wedding gown must be properly cleaned and preserved right after the completion of wedding. It will prevent the dress from fading, creasing and mildewing. You need to be aware of specific areas. If you have a floor-length dress, especially one with a train, you must keep the lower-end of the dress clean. Another part of the dress that you may have to worry about is the bodice. Anywhere that your sweat may have soaked into the dress needs to be clean, otherwise those spots become more and more prominent through discoloration as the years go by.

Dry Cleaning helps to clear off the stains if any, and preserves the original color and texture of the garment. Stubborn stains like that of wine, oily food or grease that may easily spoil the wedding dress, can be properly cleaned through dry cleaning.

It is all the more important that only a professional dry cleaning service is employed for ideal cleaning of your precious dress. An expert dry cleaner would check the fabric content of the dress and ensure that only soft & compatible cleaning solutions are used. Some dresses are easier to clean than others. If your dress is made of polyester, you can safely wash your dress by hand. Tulle and polyester organza however, will lose crispness if they are washed, so these need to be spot cleaned. Silk damages easily and requires extra care while cleaning that can be best provided only by an experienced service.

Proper packing and storage of wedding gown is no less important than its cleaning. Once the dress is cleaned to your satisfaction, it can be packed in a spacious box that should be at least one-third of the length of the gown. You should line the box with tissue and place the gown over it face down. There should be no creases or folds at the center of the dress. A professional dress cleaner and packer uses vacuum to pack the dress in an expert manner that maintains the beauty of your garment for a real long time. Their packing techniques also help to prevent the rusting of metallic buttons or any kind of damage to rubber dress shields or foam padding.

Toronto Dresses offers the expert service that you always seek to preserve and protect the most valued costume in your wardrobe. They not only clean your wedding gown to give it the original look and appeal but also box the garment for you to ensure that you conveniently preserve your delicate and precious memories in the most suitable manner. For reliable wedding dress cleaning services in Ontario, Canada, "Toronto Dresses" would be the most suitable choice.

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