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Wedding Invites

Wedding invitations are usually letters inviting guests to attend a wedding, sent at least a month before the wedding date. As simple as it may sound, there is more to the art of sending out wedding invites than simple posting of letters. It can turn out to be a mind boggling task for the bride's and the groom's family especially since they already have their hands full with a million other tasks, small and big. Wedding invites get difficult because they involve both science (following the rules of etiquette) and art (coming up with the apt wording).

Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations

We at Toronto dresses are here to ensure that your wedding invites are perfectly crafted both in terms of aesthetics and etiquette. Wedding invitations are a very vital part of the wedding paraphernalia. They give a sneak preview of the actual day and mirror the general tone of the wedding day. Apart from giving out basic information like the date and time of the ceremony and its location, wedding invitations through design and style also inform the guests about the dress code and the kind of celebration to expect. We make sure that we understand our clients' personalities and design the invites accordingly. We realize that every couple has a unique way of wanting to announce their big day and therefore have a diverse range of designs and formats for the wedding invites.

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If you are planning on having a beachside luau, we will make you an invite that reflects fun and frolic and would give the guests a hint at dressing casually. If a church wedding has been your dream, we would design a traditional card for you with thick fancy paper and engraved wording, hinting at a full-course sit-down dinner reception. On the other hand, if you decide to get quirky, we help you with that too! We help you customize your invitations with do-it-yourself kits or craft a card with a candid picture of the couple. If you want to personalize the card even further by giving out hand-written invites, we give you creative ideas in that area as well.

Wedding Invitation Wedding Invitation

You might also be among those couples who have no idea about the kind of invitations they'd like to give out. Apart from assuring you that you are not alone, we would blow you away with the many beautiful wedding invitation ensembles we have already created and designed. You will be spoiled for choice, but then you could have your pick!

Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations

A quick look at the kind of enclosures that are available with the invitations we design:
Reception cards which provide general information about the time and location of the celebration following the ceremony.
Response cards that are included in the invitation and which are expected to be returned by the guests before a certain date, informing whether they would attend. We usually design them with printed return address to ensure quick and accurate replies.
Informal cards are for writing out thank you notes for wedding gifts; we can also make them personalized with monograms.
Pew cards are for honored guests or close family members to receive their reserved "within the ribbon" seating.
Map cards are included to ensure that the guests find their way to the venue without getting lost.

Wedding Invitations Wedding Invitations

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